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Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Hundred

Being Laura, Obsequious Grandiosity
Bee Love, Outwardly Giving
Bizarre Lady, Obsessively Gesticulating

I've lain in bed all morning, trying to come up with a fabulous acronym for BLOG. This is blog number one hundred in the Blogger format. I'm not sure how many I did on facebook, and then on Live Journal, but right here on this little page we have my one-hundredth morning of telling you things.

I love numbers! Not for use in equations, but for the colors they are. I have a special fondness for when they add up to big even sums. I remember when I had my one thousandth day clean, Michael snuck quietly into the candle-light meeting I was attending to bring me a dozen roses. Today is day 2,352 but that number is not as cool as it would have been if it were 2,000 or 2,500, although as a single day in a string of "one day at a time"s it's a very fine day.

like to add numbers up and then reduce them to a single digit. That's the root of numerology, I didn't invent that, but I love to do it. I remember teaching Molly how to do that and the boys telling me I would "ruin her for regular math." It goes like this: My shop address is 3373, so 3+3=6+7=13+3=19, and 1+9=10. You drop zeros, so my shop is a one. The number of Aces and new beginnings.

The magic thing about nines is that you can ignore them completely and still come up with the same answer. If you transpose numbers, the difference will be nine or a multiple of nine. My birthdate adds up to nine, which is very spiritual and makes me extremely cool.

I didn't choose the topic of numbers for the Big 100 though, I thought I'd write about me, since that's all I really do anyway. I am my favorite topic, I understand the material better than anyone else and usually find myself quite fascinating. Not really, but at the same time I seem to think that everyone wants to know what I think about everything so I write about it all the time. I was an only child, I grew up in the land of Me ME ME and had a lot of time on my hands to think about myself and how I fit into the world; how to stand out and be different from the rest of it. I think the fact that my Big Daddy finds me more intriguing than anyone else in the world has exacerbated this over time.

It's been a strange year, this May to May trip around the Sun, and I think it was early May last year that I started writing regularly. Maybe mid or late May, but May. That's the month I had my Big Cry, my Spiritual Awakening, the beginning of becoming New Laura. I could say "Ask anyone, I am a totally different person than I was a year ago!" or you could just read a hundred blogs.

I never cease to amaze myself that I consider it important to write them, and always wonder if you've read any of them when we're talking in person. The funny thing is: every now and then someone will surprise me by mentioning one and saying they've read it. This eggs me on and supports my fantasy that everything I choose to write about will be interesting or funny and that you'll really want to know about it if I spend enough time carefully crafting paragraphs and choosing illustrations from the internet. I love being me, I just want to tell you all about it.

Today Shayla, Blair and I are going to go do some art (and I'm pissed at the moment because in the old composition format I could have made the word "art" into a link to a newspaper article about the event) at New Tech High School. It used to be done as sidewalk art, or blacktop art, whatever you would call that. Street art? Now it's done on panels that will be auctioned off to raise money for the school. Ours will be a six-foot by six-foot piece that is actually three separate panels. We're each doing one. Blair developed the original design, and the panels are off-set so that they don't line up perfectly. We are three highly-competitive, hysterically funny women who are going to collaborate on one piece of art. This should be amusing to say the least. I'm pretty sure ours will be one of the best, because it's the Ladies of Flying Colors Tattoo that are creating it. I've never worked in chalk, and I'm old and concerned that sitting on the ground or kneeling all day to do some art will kick my ass.

Blair has made "Laura Croft" T shirts for us to wear, we have team bandanas, and matching kneepads that say "Team Awesome" on them. I am not in control of this event or our team, which will make it something completely new for me. Blair is our team leader, yet back at the shop she is the apprentice and Shayla and I are the Official Tattoo Ladies. I am open to some fun and new experience.

So, there you go, a short yet rambling blog about some numbers, some chalk and ME.
Happy 100 everybody!

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  1. i Love you! cant wait for today!


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