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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We won't be in Kansas any more

Our chance to be in service to others is everywhere lately. Last night Michael and I were counting our opportunities, and the people who let us be there for them when they need us, and it shined a new light on service as a way to get out of ourselves and where we are when we feel uncomfortable or unhappy. This is a basic thing we learned when we first got to the rooms. We've been looking at different situations and different people and their demands or needs and feeling everything from resentment to gratitude, and then when we really thought about it they were all calls to service, just packaged differently. Even the most frustrating interactions have been opportunities to do this, and sometimes the best thing for someone, the thing that's the most helpful or right, isn't always pleasant or easy, but when we listen to the Universe and come from love it's all service, and that's how we keep what we have- by giving it away.

Even the people who are feeling angry with us for how we are proceeding with our lives and who may not see that what we are doing or how we are living or going to live are getting hit with the service stick, whether they know it or not. Doing what is the highest good for all involved does not always feel good to everyone.

Things are changing, there's a giant storm brewing, and we've been given the task of battening some things down, and letting others fly into the wind, all in service to the rightness of the highest good. Sometimes it's hard to hear that small still voice when the pressure's dropping and I can see the tornado on the horizon, but it's always there if I listen for it.

I have to remember, when I come from love there is no wrong way to move and the basement's big enough to hold us all.

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  1. Powerful.... I'm really impressed by your writing. Kristine


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