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Monday, April 12, 2010

Maybe Later?

I really should get up to the studio today and make fantastic things, but I also have a giant project that needs doing on the computer as well. You'd think, with the way my fingers are glued to this keyboard so often that a computer project wouldn't be daunting or something I put off. I have been though, something fierce.

I have an add-on link to my business website that I haven't been able to update for months, because for some reason the source file was stored in the wrong place when I got my new computer and migrated it over. It's there, but I haven't been able to add any pictures to it in forever. I can add, but not save. I found that out after working on it for about an hour one night. So unless I'm mistaken I am going to have to remake the whole thing and re-label all those photos. There are hundreds of them, and I have amassed hundreds more since I was keeping up on it daily. So new Mac site. Sounds fun, or tedious, but I'll probably get into it once I start.

Then there are the photo books I need for the shop. My digital picture frames died, and the truth is people seem to like to hold actual books in their hands to browse. That means categorizing around 4-500 photos into sensible groups and deciding which ones go into which books, then a trip to Kinkos to have them printed and bound. I've put that off for months as well.

I guess this is just a list of the things I've been procrastinating about doing.

There's our closet... It is insane. We're going to move from one bedroom to another soon (It's a downgrade, but we get the back door, and we're the ones with the dogs that need to go in and out ad infinitum) so It will be a good move. I've lived in that room twice, I like that room.  It has its own little half-bath which meshes well with sleeping naked in the summer and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I have actually lived in every bedroom of this house twice or more in the 14 years I've lived here. I like to change bedrooms every so often, it feels like living in a whole new house. The back bedroom has no closet though, and I currently have a closet that foreign refugees could probably equip themselves adequately from (even have a few Army MREs in there, not telling where I got them) and all of that stuff has to be dealt with.

One of my super-powers is to be able to completely ignore anything that has a door that can be shut and render it invisible. I can safely bet you one million dollars that I will not be cleaning that closet today. The computer projects though... they simply must be done.

My web-genius and a graphic designer friend of his are getting ready to completely remake and relaunch my site, which is so yesterday, and create something that reflects the studio I am now. I have to have my part ready when all the coding is done, or even sooner. If I had the web address he could swap it out for the link at any time, busy as he is. He's super hot, I'll include his picture. I have done every single one of his tattoos since he turned 18, but that's completely irrelevant. Who doesn't like to look at a hot guy though?

OR..... I could go study the spec of the best Druid healer in my guild and tune up my character. I was in remission from World of Warcraft for six months or more, then relapsed and ran my first dungeons last night. I was a consistent #3 on the healing charts, so I know I am not that far behind. God, I can't believe I'm getting back into that, what will happen to my glorious art studio if I start playing the game again?

First things first. I think I'll work on the Mac site, whether or not I have to remake it from the ground up.

I will NOT log onto the game, I will NOT log onto the game...

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